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Meet the newest members of the Payday 3 gang: Pearl and Joy Leave a comment


Payday 3 will include two more playable characters at launch, the female gang members Pearl and Joy. They will join the original gang of clown-masked criminals for a total of six heisters.

Joy might be familiar to players as a supporting character from previous games, but Pearl is an all-new heister. Both have joined up with Dallas and the rest of the crew and will be playable at launch.

Payday 3 – Pearl and Joy trailer

Pearl is an expert con artist and infiltrator who is as comfortable running scams on the street but can also rub elbows with the rich and famous.

Joy is a hacker and a security expert who is now an official part of the crew. As a merciless heister, Joy is a dangerous combination of strength and subterfuge. With no respect for the law, Joy is a wildcard character.

Along with a look at the new characters, Starbreeze also shared the content and updates roadmap players can look forward to for Year One.

Here’s the schedule along with placeholder names:

  • DLC 1 – Winter 2023 – Syntax Error
  • DLC 2 – Spring 2024 – Boys in Blue
  • DLC 3 – Summer 2024 – The Land of the Free
  • DLC 4 – Fall 2024 – Fear and Greed

Besides four paid DLCs, with names yet to be determined, there will be seasonal events, a new enemy, weapons, an Unreal Engine 5 upgrade, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, new features, and more.

Payday 3 releases on September 21 for PC via PC Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. It will also be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S Game Pass, and GeForce Now.

An open technical beta is scheduled for this weekend.

Payday 3 – Pear and Joy/ Roadmap


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