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7 Rapid At-Home Covid-19 Tests—and Where to Find Them (2023) Leave a comment


Detect, on the other hand, voluntarily recalled specific lots of its Covid-19 tests. You can check here for a list of affected lots.

How to Identify Counterfeit Covid-19 Tests

You can check for a current list of counterfeit at-home Covid-19 tests through the FDA’s site here. But if you’re unsure, you can check for a few signs. The packaging might include spelling or grammatical errors, poor print quality of text and images (as well as on the instructions inside the box), a different label or trade name than the one listed on the FDA’s site, or missing information on the box (like the expiration date, lot number, or QR code). On the inside, you should look for any missing supplies—including unfilled components, like the tube of solution.

If you find that your at-home test kit is counterfeit, you shouldn’t use it. You should also contact the store you purchased it from and the manufacturer/distributor of the authorized test. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly dispose of or return the test. The FDA also encourages reporting the problem via the MedWatch Voluntary Reporting Form.

Retailer At-Home Covid Test Kit Pages

Depending on where you’re located, at-home rapid Covid tests might be sold out. If you want to continue browsing for availability, below is a list of retailers selling kits. 

Delivery Apps That Offer At-Home Covid Test Kits

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms or don’t want to leave your house, you can order an at-home Covid test through a food delivery service app for same-day delivery (if the app is available in your area). Below is a list of apps that offer test kits.

To make sure you always have a steady supply of at-home Covid tests, you can sign up for a subscription service. With GetTests.com, you’ll have eight test kits delivered to your home each month. If your insurance company covers your at-home tests or you have Medicaid, your reimbursement claim will also be filed each month automatically to your insurance provider through Reimbursify. The service is currently sending subscribers the FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test.

How Accurate Are Rapid At-Home Covid Tests?

The FDA has granted each of the rapid at-home tests below “emergency use authorization,” (EUA) but these tests aren’t 100 percent accurate. Most at-home rapid antigen tests have a sensitivity of roughly 85 percent (varies by test), according to the FDA. There is a chance you could end up with a false positive or a false negative. Nearly every kit comes with two tests for repeat testing, so you can double-check your results.

Should You Report Your Positive Result?

Per the CDC, there currently aren’t any systems in place that require you to report a positive at-home test result to public health authorities. However, it’s strongly encouraged that you contact your physician to make sure you receive the proper medical care and treatment. You can also check whether your local health department offers an online self-reporting form. There’s also MakeMyTestCount.org, created by the National Institutes of Health, which allows you to anonymously self-report an at-home Covid test result.

How Should I Store At-Home Covid Tests?

As you’re stocking up on tests, it’s important to make sure the kits are stored properly to avoid false-negative results. Most at-home rapid tests should be kept in a dry location (out of direct sunlight) where the temperature is between about 35 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. But you can find instructions for specific tests you’re using via the manufacturer’s instructions that come with each kit. 

According to the FDA, “the test performance will remain stable when tests are stored at various temperatures, including shipping during the summer in very hot regions and in the winter in very cold regions.” However, you shouldn’t use a rapid test if it’s still cold after being exposed to freezing temperatures. Instead, bring it inside and leave it in an area at room temperature for two hours before opening it. 


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