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Starfield fans are hard at work tracking down 1001 unique Starfield posts spread around the world, as the sci-fi RPG inches closes to launch this September. The race is on to see if the community can track them all down before the game launches on September 6.

As the world wakes up today, numerous screenshots of distinct posters are being posted to the official Bethesda Discord, where everyone’s discoveries are being collected. Right now, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian territories have their own channels dedicated to this real-world easter egg hunt, while the Americas are yet to join the fold.

Take the UK, for example. Ever since the Discord channel was created yesterday, fans have been hard at work scrawling the London underground system for any sign of these 1001 billboards. User Illusionz managed to find and post two straight away, while other users soon sweeped up two remaining posters in other stations. These can be identified as unique ads due to clear numbering in the bottom right corner, as well as the different background present on each billboard.

The whole point of this campaign – titled “Windows to the Worlds” – is to entice would-be buyers of Starfield with the space exploration aspect of the game. Each poster shows off a screenshot from a different location from the game, providing a real-world window into all the different places players will soon be able to explore.

As far as marketing campaigns go, anything that bleeds into our daily lives and encourages a bit of community cohesion is always a fun way to go. Stuff at this scale is only really possible thanks to the staggering budget that Microsoft has likely thrown at the game, but it’ll certainly mix things up a little bit for commuters counting the hours while they slave away at work.

Have you spotted any of these posters recently? If you have, let us know below! As you wait for launch, why not read some of our articles, such as our write up on Starfield’s silent protagonist almost having a voice! If you need to reminder on when the game unlocks in your region, we have that here too!


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