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Starfield is a great game – at least we think so! There’s lot to Bethesda’s new spacefaring RPG, be it spaceship battles, adoring fans, and other miscellaneous silliness. However, one thing that isn’t present is a field of view (FOV) slider. This has popped up as a thorn in the side of many PC players, but thankfully the community has swooped in with a fix.

It’s taken less than 24-hours since the pre-order access of Starfield for people to figure this out – luckily for everyone heading into the files and meddling with stuff appears somewhat straightforward! As explained by user Hellstorm102 on Nexusmods, adding a single text file and writing a few lines allows you to set a custom FOV setting for those in need.

Okay, but why is this a a big deal? For those who don’t know, some out there suffer from motion sickness as a result of the default FOV found in various video games. For these people (or those who just fancy a wider / narrower perspective), the ability to adjust the range of sight available is key to enjoying the experience. Ideally, this is a feature that would be in the game via menus and whatnot.

Starfield sadly, at least for now, doesn’t have this included.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of people suffer from motion sickness too! As pointed out by vizhawk on the Starfield Reddit, health specialists estimate that roughly 1 in 3 people suffer from motion sickness to various degrees. As such, the ability to mess around with your FOV is a genuinely handy feature to have.

More likely than not, this’ll get fixed without the need to hop into the game’s backend eventually with a patch or community mod, but for now rest assured that you can fix this yourself if you need!

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