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Best kitchen deal: Refurb Wolfgang Puck pizza oven and grill for $160 Leave a comment


TL;DR: As of Sept. 3, you can get a refurbished Wolfgang Puck Outdoor Wood Pellet Pizza Oven and Grill for just $159.97 (reg. $437.43) — which is a savings of 63%.

Ordering a pizza is fun, but there’s something special about firing one up yourself, and you don’t need a full-sized pizza oven to do it. Instead, you can get the Wolfgang Puck Outdoor Wood Pellet Pizza Oven and Grill. This quick-heating pizza oven doesn’t need a whole installation or much space at all. During the Labor Day sale through September 4, you can get this near-mint condition refurbished Pizza Oven for only $159.97 — plus free shipping.

Near-mint condition pizza oven for your yard

This pizza oven may be refurbished, but it hardly looks like it. You might notice some very faint scuffing or other signs of use, but they’re only superficial. The real magic is in what the Wolfgang Puck Pizza Oven can do. It preheats super quickly, and there’s a good reason this thing goes outside. It can reach 950ºF in just 15 minutes, and you aren’t just limited to pizza. 

This oven-grill combo actually comes with some delicious Wolfgang Puck recipes like jalapeño lime chicken breast, steak and blue cheese flatbread, steak fajitas, and more. Grab your favorite kitchen knives and prep some ingredients, because cooking just got a lot more fun.

Of course, there are plenty of pizza recipes, and all you have to provide are the ingredients and the wood pellets. Or you can bake a frozen pizza. The manufacturers say it could have one done in under four minutes, but that depends on the dough thickness. 

Once you’re done cooking and everything has cooled, the chimney detaches and fits into the cooking chamber for easy storage. The legs even fold. Slipping your pizza oven into a cabinet might be a whole lot easier than installing a brick pizza oven in the backyard. 

Shipping is free

Grab your favorite toppings and toss the dough. Labor Day is pizza time. 

Until September 4 at 11:59 p.m. PT, get a near-mint condition refurbished Wolfgang Puck Outdoor Wood Pellet Pizza Oven and Grill for $159.97, and pay nothing for shipping. 

Prices subject to change. 


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