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AMC Reaches a Deal With SAG-AFTRA to Resume Production Leave a comment


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Hollywood may be at a near-standstill due to the ongoing strikes, but AMC Studios has been granted waivers to resume work on three of its most high-profile shows. Interview With the Vampire and two of the Walking Dead spinoffs, Daryl Dixon and The Ones Who Live, will resume production under waivers granted by SAG-AFTRA.

While AMC Networks are a part of the AMPTP, the company is not involved in negotiations. The CEO of AMC had previously stated it had enough television logged into its system that it wouldn’t begin to feel delays unless the strikes lasted “into 2024,” according to Deadline.

While it has made a deal with SAG-AFTRA there is no news yet on whether or not it is attempting to reach a deal with the WGA. These shows are some of the most-watched shows on AMC, and are among the first examples of SAG-AFTRA issuing waivers to massive IP genre shows.

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