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You may recall that we were big fans of the original Undead Horde from 10tons when it launched on mobile back in 2019, and we even gave it the Game of the Week honor back then. With the sequel’s well-received launch on PC and console platforms earlier this year, it’s now time for mobile players to get to experience Undead Horde 2: Necropolis and, like its predecessor, we’re going to give it our coveted Game of the Week nod. I just can’t say no to a 10tons game!

The premise of the original Undead Horde was a good one: You played a necromancer battling against hordes of the living, and once slain you were able to revive those fallen enemies and enlist them to fight on your own behalf. From a mechanical standpoint it played like a hack ‘n slash action RPG blended with real-time strategy elements, as you could issue simple commands to your horde of undead and have them help you fight through each level. It’s a genre mix that I hadn’t quit experienced before and I was blown away by how well the two game types worked together.

All of that remains true in Undead Horde 2, but the sequel rule of “more of the good stuff but bigger and better in every way” definitely applies. There are way more units to unlock and reanimate into your ranks, levels are way bigger and more complex than before, and rather than the small-ish hub that you’d revisit to unlock stuff and replenish after levels in the first game this sequel features an entire city that you’ll slowly “raise from the dead” as it were, further unlocking new systems and mechanics.

So yeah, action RPG/RTS hybrid now incorporates full city sim with Undead Horde 2, and just like the first game it somehow all makes sense and doesn’t feel disjointed in the least. It’s sort of shocking once you start peeling back the layers of Undead Horde 2 just how much is here, and while it can all feel more overwhelming than it did in the first game it’s easy enough to warm up to. If you enjoyed the first game then I can almost guarantee you’ll love Undead Horde 2 even more, and if this is your first journey into raising the dead then this bigger and better sequel is a great place to get started.


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