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‘Tropico’ To Get ‘The Tropican Dream’ Paid DLC Set Next Week With Six Original Missions Included – TouchArcade Leave a comment


Feral Interactive just announced new paid DLC coming to Tropico on mobile next week. If you’ve not played Tropico ($11.99) on mobile yet, Feral Interactive’s conversion has superb controls and optimization that made it my favorite way to play the game. Read my review of the initial iPad version. Feral Interactive has since updated Tropico to be a universal app and launch it on Android. A full expansion was then added to both iOS and Android for free in the form of the Absolute Power expansion followed by a free mission pack titled ‘Postcards from Tropico‘. Today, Feral Interactive announced ‘The Tropican Dream’ paid DLC coming to the mobile version of Tropico next week. Watch a trailer for the DLC below:

The Tropican Dream DLC is priced at $2.49 and it adds six brand new original missions to the game bringing manipulating markets, navigating ancient curses,facing the wrath of God, and more to the game. I’m glad to see Feral Interactive still support Tropico on mobile like this. If you haven’t gotten it yet, Tropico is available as a premium game on Google Play and the App Store. The free Tropico: The People’s Demo is available here for Android. You can check out our forum thread for it here for more discussion around the port. Have you gotten it already on mobile and what do you think of today’s DLC announcement?


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