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The Little Twin Stars Arrive in ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ – TouchArcade Leave a comment


What an unusual year this has been, friends. I think my favorite movie I’ve seen this year is Barbie, of all things. And I’m feeling like a strong contender for my favorite mobile game of this year so far is Hello Kitty Island Adventure (). At this rate, my book of the year is probably going to be about Rainbow Brite or something. Well, anyway. The point is that Hello Kitty Island Adventure is an amazing game, and it just got its first big update. Let’s run down the list of what’s been added, shall we not?

Sanrio has a lot of characters in its stable, and the base game only scratched the surface of that roster. This new update, The Little Twin Stars, brings in a couple of other well-known characters: Kiki and Lala. They appear in a brand new area that has been added to the game, Cloud Island. That means you get a new biome to enjoy, and some new friends to make as you work your way through a new main story episode. There are naturally some new items, outfits, furniture, and recipes, too.

Beyond that, some new visitors might drop by your island. Tuxedosam’s little brothers Tam and Pam come to visit their big bro, and Cinnamoroll’s friends Mocha and Espresso are swinging by as well. Espresso feels like a bit of a deep cut, so that’s cool. Rounding out the update, there’s a celebration coming to mark the end of the summer season. I wonder how you would even tell summer is ending on a tropical island? I guess the party is very important in that sense.

All in all, an exciting update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, and one that points to the game continuing to expand with new locations and friends over time. Given how much fun it is just to ramble around and explore in this game, that’s nothing but good news. The Little Twin Stars update is live now, so if you want to try it out all you need to do is update your game and go.


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