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Starfield: Should PS5 owners be jealous it’s Xbox exclusive? Leave a comment


Starfield reviews are out at last. The Bethesda RPG has been highly anticipated ever since it was announced all the way back in 2018. Not only is it the first new IP from Bethesda in ages, it’s taking the company’s trademark style to the stars.

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The game is also an Xbox and PC exclusive, making it the first real tempting AAA title to punch up at Sony’s brilliant line-up of platform-exclusive heavy hitters. With it finally out and critic’s laying out their various opinions, is it good enough to create a sense of jealousy in the hearts of PS5 owners – a group who has frankly been eating damn good this year.

We’ve listed out a spread of all the biggest reviews out below for you to take a look at and read through. For this game especially, we recommend following the links and reading the reviews yourself for the full comprehensive thoughts of the reviewers, rather than just taking in the scores. A 7/10 for one outlet may be cynical in the eyes of some, but others may apply that to Starfield as a badge of approval.

Starfield review round-up

So, yeah – a decent spread in the higher ranges! Lots of 7’s and above – indicating among other things that it’s a game of quality that’s likely worth your time, especially if you’ve found yourself invested in Bethesda RPG’s in the past. Each review above highlights particular aspects you may be especially interested in – it seems to be a game with a exciting stuff for a wide range of folks.


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