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Starfield pays tribute to one fan that didn’t make it with a lovely short note Leave a comment


After a fan excited to play Starfield passed away earlier this year, players have found a small tribute in the game.

Starfield is obviously going to be filled with a whole host of references and homages to all sorts of things, but players have already found one that is simple but sweet. Earlier this year, a Reddit user by the name of Alex Hay shared a post noting he won’t be able to play Starfield, as he was suffering from lung cancer, having entered palliative care around the time the new release date was announced. Hay unfortunately passed away in March, as shared by simoncroberts, presumably a friend of Hay’s, in the comments of the post. But a fan on the Starfield subreddit has found a short note paying tribute to Hay.

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“To all my friends and fellow explorers. I’m always with you, out there in the starfield,” reads the note simply titled “Alex Hay’s Note,” finishing with “Love always, Alex Hay.” It’s short, but touching, and I’m sure it will mean a lot to Hay’s friends and family. The note is quite easy to find, you just need to enter the Eye and you’ll find it immediately on the right.

Simoncroberts noted in their comment that Hays “loved Bethesda games. Combining Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and the Fallout games, he would’ve put tens of thousands of hours into those worlds. In the last few months he 100%’d Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring and put in more than 1000 hours into Rimworld on PC. We’d play COD Warzone and Escape from Tarkov. Basically, the guy loved games and was the kindest, funniest dude I know.”

As well as this, simoncroberts noted that if anyone from Bethesda wanted to put Hay in Starfield or in an Elder Scrolls game, they could reach out. Whether that’s the case or not isn’t clear, but Hay did manage to make it into Starfield at the very least.

Bethesda’s Tribute to Alex Hay
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