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It’s early days for Starfield, which makes it the perfect time for the smaller, more utilitarian mods to start appearing. This initial phase is, so far, responsible for giving us an FOV slider.

Now, someone stepped up to replace the game’s FSR2 upscaling with the superior DLSS. There’s actually more than a single mod that does this. The first, Starfield Upscaler, includes DLSS2 as well as Intel’s XeSS.

The mod, by PureDark, includes the latest library for both – though it does not support DLSS3 frame generation. It relies on the Upscaler Plugin, which makes it easy to toggle between upscalers on the fly through a neat menu.

There’s also this: Starfield FSR2 Bridge, by modder LukeFZ, which has a more simple approach. The mod likewise also replaces FSR2 with for DLSS2 and XeSS, though it relies on the in-game option to work. You can choose either of the two libraries, but both will continue to be called FSR2 in the game’s menu.

It’s worth noting that while DLSS is the better upscaler, neither of those mods include sharpening by default, so it’s possible that the image could look a bit softer, even if DLSS can generally resolve image detail better. You can, of course, include your own ReShade, if you know what you’re doing.

While It’s unfortunate that DLSS support is missing from Starfield, it’s worth noting that AMD is Bethesda’s technology partner. That said, after much controversy, AMD stated that Bethesda is free to add DLSS to the game – so it could arrive officially down the line.

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