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Donald Trump’s trial in Georgia will be livestreamed on YouTube Leave a comment


Donald Trump’s election interference trial in Georgia will appear live on TV and the court’s YouTube channel. Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee made the ruling on Thursday, which also says members of the press can use cellphones and computers inside the courtroom as long as they’re not recording, local news outlet WSB-TV reports.

“We have been livestreaming all of our major proceedings on a Fulton County-provided YouTube channel,” Judge McAfee said during the hearing, according to WSB-TV. “And our plan was to do that with this case as well. So there’s going to be a YouTube feed the entire time.”

However, there’s still a chance that Trump’s trial won’t occur from the Fulton County courtroom. Some of Trump’s co-defendants, including former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, want to move their cases to federal court. If Trump takes a similar path and manages to move his trial to federal court, McAfee’s ruling won’t apply, as federal courts typically don’t allow cameras in the courtroom.

On Thursday, Trump pleaded not guilty to charges related to his alleged attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. He faces 13 felony counts in the state, including racketeering, making false statements, and conspiring to file false documents. Trump waived his right to appear at an arraignment that was set for September 6th.


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