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Aiper Surfer S1: Cordless Pool Skimmer with Integrated Solar Panel Leave a comment


At IFA 2023, Aiper unveiled its Surfer S1, the company’s first-ever cordless robotic pool skimmer. One of the standout features of this innovative device is its integrated solar panel, which power the robot and make it energy efficient. Aiper claims the Surfer S1 is a “smart water surface cleaning robot powered by a solar panel that efficiently removes unwanted debris floating in your pool.”

The Surfer S1 is equipped with motorized paddlewheels that propel the device along the pool’s surface. This allows the robot to effectively clean the pool by capturing various debris, probably including leaves, insects, hair, and flower petals. The robot can clean for an extended period, offering a theoretical 10 hours of operation time, which is substantial enough for thorough cleaning of most residential pools.

To enhance its navigation capabilities, the Surfer S1 features two ultrasonic wave sensors that help the robot detect pool walls to avoid collision. Additionally, the device offers a level of control through a companion app available for iPhone and Android smartphones. This app allows users to schedule when the robot will clean the pool and even manually pilot it to specific areas that may require quick attention for debris removal.

While the robot automates the cleaning process, it does have some limitations. One such limitation is that users will still have to manually empty the debris that the robot collects, and the robot apparently can’t just “hang around” the pool. Instead, it must be stored in-between uses. As for the pricing, the Surfer S1 comes with a premium price tag of $599.99.

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