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This weekend is all about Starfield for many. Well, at least for those who purchased one of the special editions. Other folks will just have to wait for the standard edition to go live on September 6.

And just because one of the biggest games of the year is dropping doesn’t mean everyone is playing it or will be playing it. There are other great games out there, and not everyone is into sci-fi.

Some like dating sims, strategy games, shooters, orc-slaughters, and even pet-rearing or animal husbandry titles. That’s the great thing about video games: there’s something for everyone out there – and then some!

This weekend, the VG247 crew is kicking balls around, donning a detective hat, celebrating a birthday, searching for banana milk, and eating lots of food throughout the long holiday weekend.

FIFA 23 Reveal Trailer

James Billcliffe, Guides Editor – FIFA 23

Between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield, I’ve been playing way too many good games.

I’ve had enough of intriguing characters, complex quests, and engaging combat. I’ve had enough of full experiences, rich with story and mystery, which don’t waddle over – cap in hand – and ask for more money via an in-game store constantly.

This weekend, all I want is the smooth-brained serotonin of late-stage FIFA 23. All of the little men are fast. I’ve heard of the teams they play for, and it makes me happy when they score a goal. Bliss.

Starfield Live Action Trailer

Kelsey Raynor, Guides Writer – League of Legends, Starfield

Jim mentioned banana milk in work chat earlier this week, and it’s been on my mind ever since. I went down to the shops to try to find some banana milk already a few days ago, and believe it or not, I had no luck. Why the hell doesn’t anywhere near me have banana milk? It doesn’t feel right. So, this weekend I’m going to hunt down banana milk by any means possible and satiate that craving. I’d even take some of that Nesquik powder or those straws that turn your milk banana-flavoured, at this point. Either way, please wish me luck on this particular side quest.

Banana milk rant aside, it’s no surprise as to what I’ll be playing this weekend, and that’s Starfield. I’m not the biggest fan of space games, but I can’t deny that I’m keen to put some hours in and see what Bethesda’s idea of space is all about. So far, it’s definitely a beautiful game, but I still can’t quite work out whether it’s my type of game or not. Only time will tell.

In between bursts of exploring space, I’ve planned to watch The Matrix Trilogy and Blade this weekend, spend some time catching up on what everyone else has to say about Starfield, and probably – woefully – play some League of Legends.

Detective Pikachu Launch Trailer.

Rebecca Jones, Guides Writer – Detective Pikachu, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I’m taking a long weekend to very belatedly celebrate my 30th birthday (the real one was in 2020 so… you know…), and despite Todd Howard’s best attempts, it’s not going to be a Starfield-themed party! In fact, I’ll be spending a few days away from my heftier gaming machines because trust me, it’s easier to take me to see my whole extended family than to bring them all to mine; so I’m going back to my current on-the-go game which is Detective Pikachu.

Yes, the one on the Nintendo 3DS. This playthrough actually predates the recent announcement of a long-awaited sequel for release this autumn, although that did make for a happy coincidence.

Naturally, a birthday also means a visit to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island to get lavished with compliments by digital critters for a while. Other games do stuff on your birthday too, but I don’t know if I can face the mess that is my Genshin Impact save when I’m meant to be taking a few days to relax; while Honkai: Star Rail has just announced that you can pick up your birthday mail without playing on your actual birthday, so yay for that!

Lotro: Introducing the River Hobbit.

Stephany Nunneley-Jackson, News Editor – Not Starfield

It will probably come as a shock to many of you who have listened to me ooh and aah over Bethesda titles for the last 14 years that I have no plans to play Starfield this weekend – or any weekend, for that matter. Not that I have anything against the game. I am just not too into sci-fi fare in games, even if it is a Bethesda game. I won’t say never – because I may feel down the road. But for now, I have no plans to play it. I’ll take Elder Scrolls or Fallout over it on any given day. That said, I hope it sells millions and millions of copies because, well, I like Besthesda. It’s not that I don’t like other game companies. I wish sucess for all development studios because each makes our hobby better and more varied. I feel the same about console makers too, despite preferring Xbox.

So, what do I plan to play over the weekend instead of Starfield? I am not sure just yet. It’s a long weekend here in the States, with Labor Day on Monday, so I have three days to figure it out. I might fire up LOTRO, Skyrim, The Wandering Village, Banished, or maybe even pick up where I left off in Diablo 4 (you know, so I don’t get it confused with Diablo Immortal like I did that time I read a press release mailer wrong lmfao).

Whatever I end up playing, it will be in between bouts of eating some lovely grilles steak fajitas I plan on throwing together and having some jericalla for dessert (I’m on a Mexican food kick), and washing it all down with some Patron margaritas. Other than food and gaming, I will be catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Image credit: Fox / Comedy Central

That’s pretty much it for us this weekend. What about you? Are you playing Starfield this weekend or something else? If you are in the States, do you have big plans for Labor Day weekend? Let us know!

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