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At IFA 2023, Samsung Electronics has launched Samsung Food, a personalized AI-driven food and recipe service that we’ve already talked about, which will be made available in eight languages across 104 countries. The platform offers a vast array of food experiences, featuring over 160,000 recipes.

Working like a personalized assistant, Samsung Food will be able to guide users in discovering new dishes, crafting tailored meal plans, and even ordering ingredients online. It enables users to manage their cooking appliances, provides step-by-step guided cooking, and facilitates sharing favorite recipes on social media.

Built upon Samsung’s range of cooking appliances and food services, Samsung Food employs AI technology, expanding beyond conventional capabilities to provide a flexible food platform that adapts to user needs and lifestyles. Powered by Whisk’s extensive database (a smart food platform acquired by Samsung Next in 2019), Samsung Food employs Food AI technology to propose meals based on user preferences and seasonal ingredients.

Users can save recipes to a personal digital recipe box, generate shopping lists, and access the service via Bespoke Family Hub refrigerators. The app also personalizes recipes to fit dietary requirements and offers AI-generated meal plans based on user data and preferences.

Additionally, Samsung Food connects with cooking appliances, allowing users to set timers, preheat ovens, and transfer recipe settings straight to appliances via guided cooking modes on portable devices. Samsung plans to expand appliance compatibility throughout the year.

The plans for the next months are ambitious, for instance, by the end of 2023 the South Korean giant will release an update integrating the service with Samsung Health, which will allow users to align diet management suggestions with health goals.

In 2024, Vision AI technology will enable food recognition through photographs, offering nutrition information and recipe suggestions. To download Samsung Food on your phone, visit https://get.samsungfood.com/download.

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