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Lenovo announces its first 16-inch Legion gaming laptop Leave a comment


Lenovo has introduced its new flagship gaming laptop at IFA 2023, and it’s the first 16-inch model under the company’s Legion brand. Called the Lenovo Legion 9i, it’s powered by the 13th-gen Intel Core i9 processor and can be equipped with up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTXTM 4090 Laptop GPU, as well as a 64GB Overclocked 5600Mhz Dual Channel DDR5 RAM or a 32GB Overclocked 6400Mhz DDR5 Dual Channel RAM. Lenovo VP Jun Ouyang said the Legion 9i is the first Legion laptop with an integrated liquid-cooling system and hardware AI chip tuning.

The company describes its liquid cooling system as the first of its kind for a 16-inch laptop. It’s positioned so that it runs over the GPU VRAM, allowing it to manage heat under extreme gaming sessions, and it switches on when the GPU hits a temperature of 183 degrees Fahrenheit (84 degrees Celsius). This works in tandem with an AI-tuned triple-fan air-cooling system. Speaking of AI, Lenovo’s LA-2 AI chip syncs the RGB strips around the keyboard and on other parts of the laptop. As for the device’s screen, it uses Lenovo’s PureSight 3.2K Mini-LED with a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 165Hz variable refresh rate. The laptop can also accommodate up to a 2TB SSD for storage. 

One interesting thing to note is that the company didn’t launch separate Pro and Slim variants like it does for lower-tier gaming laptops, because it says this model fulfills the purpose of both varieties. The Legion laptop will ship with Windows 11 and a 3-month free subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It will be available in October with prices starting at $4,399. 

Lenovo Legion glasses product photo


In addition to the new flagship laptop, Lenovo has also announced a new version of its Legion Glasses, which are a wearable virtual monitor. They use the company’s micro-OLED display technology and can deliver full HD resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate for each eye. These glasses provide a portable, large-screen viewing experience for users with Legion Go and other compatible devices, which include most newer Android phones, iPhones, Windows and Mac computers. They will also be available next month and will set buyers back at least $329. 

Finally, Lenovo has unveiled a 27-inch ThinkVision 3D monitor that doesn’t need glasses. It’s 3D Explorer software gives users a way to access various 3D apps and provides them with a platform for 3D creation. When 3D isn’t needed, though, users can switch to 2D mode instead. The ThinkVision 27 3D Monitor will be available in select markets in January 2024 with prices starting at $2,999.


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