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Fireproof Games Celebrates ‘The Room’ Tenth Anniversary with Huge Sale Across All Platforms – TouchArcade Leave a comment


It’s hard to believe that The Room from Fireproof Games is actually ten years old, but it was during this month way back in 2012 that the game first launched for the iPad with a version for the iPhone following a few months later. If you’re doing the mental math right now, yes, that actually makes this year the 11th anniversary of The Room launching. But you know what? Can we all agree that 2020 kind of doesn’t count? And also, if you create a game series that goes on to live a successful life for more than a decade then I say you can do whatever the heck you want. So if we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Room right now then I’m all for it. But how are we celebrating you might ask? Maybe you didn’t read the headline. There’s a huge sale on all The Room games across all major platforms.

It gets a little tricky to cover just what discount is available on what platform and what region, yadda yadda ya, so I’ll just say go over to your favorite digital storefront and search for The Room and see what’s shaking. Here in the US, on iOS, all four games range from $0.49 to $1.99, so if you haven’t picked any or all of them up before now would be a good time to do so. On Switch in the US the remastered versions of the first two entries are just $1.99 each, which is a whopping 80% off, so likewise if you haven’t picked them up on Nintendo’s console yet now is your chance to do so cheaply. This is a fantastic series that everyone who enjoys intricate puzzle boxes or escape room-style games should experience, and the PR for this anniversary sale also comes with the news that Fireproof are currently hard at work on a new unannounced game, so the good times should continue rolling at some point in the future. A new The Room game perhaps? Or something entirely different? We’ll see!


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