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Armored Core 6’s Fastest Money Farm Is A Rookie Murder Spree Leave a comment


A mech head displays a red laser light.

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco

A key aspect of Armored Core VI is earning cash to unlock new guns and mech parts. Once you complete a mission you can replay it as much as you want for extra pay, and players have now found one of the fastest money farms in the entire game: brutally murdering a rookie test pilot in under a minute, dozens of times in a row.

The mission is called “Destroy the Tester AC” and it’s exactly what it says on the tin. You load into Southern Belius in the Contaminated City, locate an enemy Armored Core nearby, and waste him as quickly as possible. The job nets you 95,000 credits minus whatever you waste on ammunition, it’s super easy, and only takes 30 seconds to a minute depending on your build.

Two mechs face off on a metal platform.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

That makes it a perfect fast cash farm (“Wallclimber” is also great, but not as mindless). However, unlike most missions in Armored Core VI that see you going toe-to-toe with giant helicopters, difficult bosses, or massive facilities filled with enemy cannons, the tester AC mission only has one enemy, and it’s a student pilot who’s never been in the shit before. “I’ll deal with the merc!” he says like a true anime red shirt. “I’ve been training for this!”

Not well enough, sadly. He talks to you throughout the fight as you mercilessly beat his ass. “The Redguns need this AC…I…I can’t fail this mission!” he stammers. He even thinks he’s winning at one point. “My training is paying off,” he says after landing a hit, only to scream a few seconds later, “Damn it! I can’t die like this!”

Gif: FromSoftware / Kotaku

Players have now killed him millions of times just so they can afford a ton of extra guns they’ll probably almost never use because double Zimmermans and Songbirds are completely OP. It’s absurd, hilarious, and tragic in a way that feels almost like FromSoftware planned it this way. The Armored Core community is already full of tips pointing new players to the easy payday and memes celebrating the Dafeng Student Pilot’s ongoing ritual sacrifice, his last words seared into their brains.

“I…I just…I just wanted a callsign of my own…” he manages, before his AC explodes. Fans have decided he deserves to get one. The current frontrunner is “Yamcha”.



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