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Xbox and Starfield fans are about to pretend they love Imagine Dragons Leave a comment


Just as Starfield is about to land in the hands of content-hungry fans all around the world, a devestating development has occurred. American pop band Imagine Dragons has released a song inspired by the game, leading to hundreds of Bethesda and Xbox fans suddenly becoming longtime fans in a matter of seconds.

The song, which comes alongside a lyric video and montage of Starfield footage, is everything you’d expect from an Imagine Dragons song. Big vocals, sweeping instrumentals, the whole package. Joking aside, this is a sudden and pleasant surprise for any Imagine Dragon fans out there, who we can only assume cheered with joy after brewing a cup of tea with five sugars in it.

Imagine Dragons are no strangers to video game collaborations. Back in 2014, they performed Warriors live during the League of Legends world finals, smashing a big drum as a big CGI dragon flew down and roared at folks attending live. And let’s not forget their performance at The Game Awards during 2021. So to the group’s credit, this isn’t an out-of-nowhere collab – they probably will actually play this game, something not at all guaranteed with this sort of marketing activation.

It’s been true for decades – the moment you get a music collab for a video game you’re firmly in the hype-overload period of a game’s life cycle. This, alongside the 1001 unique billboard ads spread around the world, indicates an absolutely absurd amount of financial investment when it comes to making people aware of Starfield’s release date.

Listen to the song above, and let us know what you think of the track! Are you a Imagine Dragons fan, or do you hate their sound? Let us know below!


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