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Bethesda Game Studios is set to launch its massive new IP and RPG later this week with Starfield on Xbox Series X and PC platforms. I can say that I am reviewing it and you should expect our coverage to go up when the embargo lifts. For Starfield, like recent Fallout games, Bethesda had a big collector’s edition available. The Starfield Constellation Edition includes the game, cosmetic DLC, the first story expansion, the digital soundtrack, and more digital content, but it also includes a gorgeous case and Starfield Chronomark Watch. Bethesda has just launched the Starfield Watch (Free) companion app on the App Store and Google Play worldwide. This app lets you setup your watch via Bluetooth, toggle settings like notifications and music control, and also various options like date and brightness.

Starfield Chronomark Watch constellation edition app download

The Starfield Constellation Edition was priced at about $300 depending on your region. This week, Starfield early access for those who own the Constellation Edition, Premium Upgrade, and Premium Edition goes live. It releases for Xbox Game Pass or Standard Edition owners next week. If you do want to play Starfield on Xbox Game Pass, buying the Premium Upgrade for $34.99 gets you upgraded to the Premium Edition with 5 day early access assuming you get it pre-release. Download the Starfield Watch companion app here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. What do you think of Starfield from the recent showcases and are you planning on playing it this week or next?

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