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PlayStation Plus September 2023 lineup includes critically mauled PS5 game Leave a comment


PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a new selection of free games in September right on schedule. However, the staring PS5 game at the forefront of this month’s selection is Saints Row – a critically mauled reboot that didn’t exactly blow people away when it first released. At least, not in the ways people hoped.

Free to download starting September 5, running all the the way until October 2, Saints Row will be totally free to download for any and all PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re not especially keen on trying it out, Black Desert is also free to download. A popular MMO on the up and up, it alongisde Generation Zero may just win the month over.

Saints Row, for those unaware, was a pretty popular series back in its day. Oringally a gang-focused 3rd person RPG, it evolved over time into an increasingly wild story of aliens, giant sex-toy bats, and the bowels of hell. After it jumped the shark for the final time in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, the series was left in peace as the world moved on. That was, until the Saints Row reboot last year, which tried to modernise the appeal, but didn’t quite make the landing.

Black Desert, on the other hand, has been bubbling away in the background for years now. A Korean MMO, the game features exciting action-focused combat as well as a variety of more relaxing elements like horse-breeding. It is a bit of a grind fest, but that’s the sort of scene the MMO space sometimes. What’s clear is that the game is having somewhat of a resurgence for some time now, slowly building in popularity and quality over time.

Finally, the curveball comes as Generation Zero. This game is a first person shooter. Set in Sweeden, you need to fight off robots who have taken over, which as you can imagine takes form in tense firefights against gigantic metallic monsters as they waddle towards your with vicious intent. It’s all in all a decent experience, well worth trying out if you’ve got a subscription running.

What are your thoughts on this monthly spread? It’s an odd one, but there’s some quality in there for those willing to explore a new MMO on a whim. Let us know if you try any of them out below, and what you thought of them!


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