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From Domestic Chores to Global Impact: CLEANR’s Pioneering Filters Leave a comment


In recent years, growing concern has arisen over the inundation of microplastics in our oceans.

Astonishingly, over half a million tons of these minuscule pollutants find their way into marine ecosystems yearly through washing machine wastewater alone.

This seemingly innocuous domestic activity has been identified as the largest single contributor to microplastic pollution, accounting for a staggering 35% of all [microplastic] emissions.

Addressing this pressing issue at IFA 2023, CLEANR has introduced a new solution with the debut of its advanced washing machine filters. The company claims these filters have been designed to be small enough for seamless integration, eliminating the need for major modifications to existing washing machine models.

An outstanding feature of the CLEANR filter is its impressive capture efficiency. It can supposedly trap more than 90% of microplastics as small as 50 microns. This efficacy not only addresses environmental concerns but also aligns perfectly with upcoming French regulatory requirements, which dictate specific standards for microplastic-capture efficiency and overall usability.

Maintenance and functionality are two vital considerations for consumers when adopting new technologies. CLEANR’s filters aim to score high on both these fronts. The process of removing the collected microplastics is said to be user-friendly: it is a dry procedure, taking less than 30 seconds per week.

Moreover, the simplicity and compact nature of the filter ensure that it can be integrated into almost any washing machine model without additional pumps. On paper, CLEANR’s filter can handle three times as many wash loads compared to its competitors before necessitating a filter cleaning.

From an environmental perspective, the widespread adoption of CLEANR’s filters could have a monumental impact. If integrated on a global scale, these filters can potentially prevent the equivalent of over 280 million plastic bags from contaminating waterways every year. That’s a great ambition to have.

Introducing CLEANR’s washing machine filters is not just a technological advancement but a novel approach to safeguarding our oceans from the ever-growing threat of microplastic pollution. The company’s commitment to providing a simple, efficient, and adaptable solution emphasizes the importance of pragmatic innovation in the journey towards a sustainable future.

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