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Anker Latest Nano Series of USB-C Chargers Land in IFA Leave a comment


The Anker Nano series is renowned for its compactness and USB PD (power delivery) fast charging solutions tailored for Apple mobile devices. At IFA 2023, their latest Nano Power Bank innovation includes built-in USB C cables, which means users no longer need to carry a separate cable (30W at $49.99 on Amazon and 20W at $29.99 also on Amazon).

Moreover, a notable environmental feature is the incorporation of eco-friendly post-consumer recycled plastic in the exterior casing. This material contributes to about 71% of the entire product and aids in achieving up to 80% less carbon emission.

USB-C technology is advancing in power-charging capabilities, now delivering up to 240 watts. Furthermore, Anker’s USB-C cables have been designed with safety and reliability in mind, successfully meeting the stringent USB-IF certification standards.

The products that caught our attention are the Anker Nano Charging Station (6-in-1, 67W) and the Anker Nano Charger (30W), among several new products Anker just announced.

The Anker Nano Charging Station’s sleek, compact design is essential for saving workspace and travel, featuring a soft extension cord and flat plug suitable for tight spaces or behind furniture. A unique spring system makes device plugging easier, ensuring portability and hassle-free use.

Safety is ensured with overheating protection and ActiveShield 2.0 technology. The station is notably 60% slimmer than typical power strips and is about the size of a smartphone, offering high-speed charging with its 67W USB power delivery. It has 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, 2 AC Outlets. Retails on Amazon for $65.99

The Anker Nano Charger (30W and 20W) is a classic, and since Apple no longer provides a charger in the iPhone’s box, this should be at the top of your list. It charges much faster than random USB chargers and is highly compact, making it ideal for travelers. In planes, it is so tiny and light that it is easy to carry and won’t fall off the plug.

Other products include the Anker Nano Power Bank 30W with built-in USB-C Cable, and an interesting braided Anker USB-C to USB-C Cable (3/6/10 ft) that supports charging up to 240W via USB-C Power Delivery ($18.99 on Amazon).

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