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It’s nearly time to return to the galaxy far, far away for the week, with Ahsoka’s third episode dropping tonight on Disney+. But while we wait to talk all things spoiler, why not stay a while and whet your Star Wars appetite with a little dogfighting?

Episode three of Ahsoka is about to drop on the Disney streamer, but the studio also released a new clip from the episode featuring Ahsoka and Sabine getting a little more into their unorthodox Master/Apprentice relationship. And what better way to bond than blowing up mysterious assailants through the power of teamwork?

Official Clip: “Woo!” | Ahsoka | Disney+

It’s nice to actually see them working together and communicating, albeit through the necessity of combat, but at least it seems like tonight we’ll see Ahsoka and Sabine open up to each other a bit more. And considering one of their assailants is none other than Inquisitor Marrok, maybe we’re going to learn what his deal is tonight too.

What do you want from the latest slice of Ahsoka? What are you excited to see? Let us know in the comments below, and once the episode’s dropped, come back and have a spoilery chat among your fellow Star Wars fans while you wait for io9’s full recap of the episode to hit tomorrow.

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