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Steam Strategy Fest is in full swing: Don’t miss out on some amazing deals Leave a comment


The Steam Strategy Fest is currently live, offering discounts on everything strategy.

The festivities include discounts, demos, and upcoming releases on all sorts of games.

Strategy Fest features an entire week of discounts and demos that celebrate games of deep strategy.

These include card and board games, city and settlement builders, grand strategy and 4X strategy, military, real-time, tower defense, turn-based, and more for up to 90% off.

There are plenty of games on sale including Armello for 70% off, you vcan grab Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD Edition for 75% off, Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for 70% off, and Civilization 6 for 90% off

Stellaris is 70% off, you can take 65% off the price of Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition, 66% off Cultist Simulator, the roguelike board game Demeo is 40% off, Northgard is 70% off, Farthest Frontier is 15% off, and Timberborn and Kingdoms Reborn are both 20% off.

Anno 1800 is 75% off, Farm Manager 2021 is 51% off, Xenonauts 2 is 25% off, the rather excellent The Wandering Village is 25% off, Crusader Kings 3 is 30% off, Age of Wonders 4 is 20% off, you can grab the fun pirate game Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew for 10% off, Dune Spice Wars is 20% off, Spirit Island is 50% off, Total War: Three Kingdoms is 50% off, and Plebby Quest: The Crusades is 80% off.

More games are on sale than what we mentioned above, so head over to Steam to look through the entire list.

Steam Strategy Fest ends on September 4, so get in on the savings while you can.


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