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Prism Peak’, the Newest Entry in the Amazing ‘OPUS’ Narrative Adventure Game Series, Gets a New Trailer – TouchArcade Leave a comment


As a huge fan of SIGONO’s OPUS series of narrative adventure games, I’ll be there whenever the studio announces a new release regardless of platform. If you’ve not checked it out yet, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth (Free) is a great place to start, though OPUS: Echo of Starsong is brilliant as well for a modern entry point. Read my review of the mobile version of that release here. Back in January, SIGONO revealed the latest project in the OPUS series, OPUS: Prism Peak. Based on its description, it feels like it will be another good entry point for newcomers. Today, SIGONO released the second trailer for OPUS: Prism Peak. Watch it below:

OPUS: Prism Peak is a narrative adventure experience with multiple endings where you play as a photographer using your camera to find your way back home from an ethereal realm. It features music from series composer Triodust and Audio Textural with a story from Brian Lee who wrote OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Hopefully my interview with Scott Chen, co-founder of SIGONO and executive producer of the OPUS series, about how Echo of Starsong on iOS was like returning home, means that OPUS: Prism Peak will hit mobile at some point in the future if it isn’t coming around launch. As of now, OPUS: Prism Peak has been confirmed for Steam for sure. You can wishlist it here and check out the Steam page for more screenshots and details.


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