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Diablo 4 patch 1.1.3 reigns in crowd control effects so you’re not stuck every 20 seconds Leave a comment


It’s been long enough now since the most recent Diablo 4 patch, which sped up Malignant farming. The patch has been generally well-received, and it’s now time for another, fairly significant update.

Blizzard detailed the next Diablo 4 patch in a blog post. Version 1.1.3 arrives tomorrow, August 29 on all platforms, and it’s also mainly focused on bug fixes and several key balance changes. The headline change here is one that follows a promise Blizzard made in one of its dev streams, and it has to do with the frequency and intensity of crowd control effects (or CCs).

Crowd control effects from certain enemies in Diablo 4 can be particularly aggravating to come across, because of the length of time they leave you unable to react (such as being frozen), especially if you have the misfortune of suffering through multiples of them in quick succession.

Patch 1.1.3 aims to lessen the effects of enemy crowd control effects. In particular, Cold Enchanted Elites with a high rate of attack (like Ghost Archers) will no longer apply the effect on every hit. Chilling Wind will be much easier to escape, thanks to a reduction in the number of overlapping walls it can spawn.

Cannibal Gorgers, notorious for their seemingly inescapable stun, will now allow the player more time to avoid their stun. Cold Goatman’s ice pillars ability has also had its cooldown increased, making it appear less often in a fight. Cold spiders have likewise had the Chill applied with their attacks reduced. Everyone’s favourite, the Nangari Snake Eyes, sadly will continue to stun you, but at least you’ll be down 1.25 seconds instead of 1.5.

In general, Blizzard said this patch will make it harder for crowd control effects to target the player. Another welcome change comes in the form of a reduction of death exposition effects, though only from Fire Enchanted monsters. One less fire wave is released upon death, and they deal 20% less damage. Bloated Corpsefiend’s charge attack has also been reduced by 14%.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, there’s a range of bug fixes, all of which you can check out at the link above.


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