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Jak and Daxter film adaptation might have lined up the two most predictable actors for its lead roles Leave a comment


It has been claimed that Marvel actors Tom Holland and Chris Pratt will portray Jak and Daxter respectively in a film adaptation.

This comes from film industry leaker MyTimeToShineHello, who has previously accurately reported on stories to do with Marvel movies. Holland is apparently slated to play Jak, whereas Pratt is “eyed” to voice Daxter, with the film supposedly being a live action adaptation rather than an animated one. Ruben Fleischer, director of the Uncharted movie which also starred Holland, is also reportedly attached to direct the project, making this his second PlayStation adaptation if reports are to be believed.

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Fleischer has previously outright said that his next project is a live action Jak and Daxter film, while promoting his at-the-time current film Uncharted. Holland himself even said that he’d like to star in a Jak and Daxter movie, so again, if the reports are accurate, the two clearly had a conversation about the project.

If Holland and Pratt do star in a Jak and Daxter film, it would also be the second video game related project either of them would appear in, with Holland playing Nathan Drake in last year’s Uncharted, and Pratt playing in this year’s very successful Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Personally, the idea of Holland playing Jak in a live action film is just plain old funny to me, I really can’t imagine him with spiked up yellow and green hair, running around collecting fancy eggs with his toes out the whole time. And Pratt as Daxter? Potentially my number one nightmare casting.

Video game to film adaptations is obviously a growing trend in the industry currently, definitely in part because having a pre-established IP will help put bums in seats. PlayStation also has a Horizon Zero Dawn project in the works at Netflix, alongside a God of War adaptation of Amazon Prime, so clearly TV is a strong avenue too. Jak and Daxter might be a bit of an odd choice, considering the series hasn’t had a game since 2009, but hey, I’m not a producer, what do I know?


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