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Dell’s New Foldable Touchscreen Monitor Will For Sure Turn Some Heads In The Office Leave a comment


Dell is pushing boundaries with its latest innovation – the 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor. This monitor offers an array of productivity features while introducing a unique Surface Studio-style design that boasts a 10-point touchscreen.

In an era where touchscreens dominate the laptop landscape, Dell’s P series steps into the limelight by combining the convenience of a USB-C hub with the versatility of a touchscreen. Unlike traditional standalone monitors, the 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor introduces a game-changing twist. Its stand folds down, transforming the display into a tablet-like interface that takes center stage.

At first glance, the P2424HT appears in line with Dell’s other displays, featuring sleek bezels, a silver-ish base, and a 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate on its IPS panel.

But a simple push downward triggers an articulation that flattens the bottom edge onto the desk, providing a comfortable 30-degree angle for the 10-point touchscreen. This design element echoes the fold-down functionality of the much larger Surface Studio, showcasing a design finesse reminiscent of Dell’s prowess.

Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor – P2424HT (Image: Dell)

Notable for its abundance of ports, the P2424HT surprises users with its connectivity options. Alongside the customary HDMI and DisplayPort ports, the monitor boasts USB-C video and power capabilities (up to 90 watts), dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports on the bottom, and an additional 3.2 port and USB-C port (15 watts) on the side.

The latter two ports even come with a clever pop-up cover to keep them protected when not in use. The monitor doesn’t skimp on audio either, incorporating a headphone jack and a first-of-its-kind RJ45 Ethernet port for a 24-inch touchscreen monitor.

Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor – P2424HT (Image: Dell)

Furthermore, the USB ports support KVM multi-machine capabilities, enhancing its versatility. Completing the package, 3-watt speakers are integrated into the top, a thoughtful addition given the monitor’s adaptable nature.

Price and Availability

Dell has priced this innovation remarkably at $519.99 upon its launch, a surprisingly competitive figure for a touchscreen panel, even if it’s on the smaller end of the spectrum.

While currently available in the 24-inch format, it’s possible that Dell may expand this foldable, high-resolution touchscreen concept to larger sizes in the near future, providing users with even more options for enhanced productivity and immersive interaction.

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