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Tesla Model S And Model X Now Have Cheaper Versions, But There’s A Catch Leave a comment


Tesla has introduced budget-friendly versions of its renowned Model S sedan and Model X SUV in the United States and Canada. These variants, however, come with reduced driving ranges compared to their pricier counterparts. Deliveries for the new models are set to commence in September.

The latest “standard range” Model S options start at $78,490, offering a driving range of up to 320 miles (515 kilometers). While this range is notably shorter than the premium dual-motor and tri-motor Plaid versions with 405 and 396 miles respectively, the affordability factor makes them an appealing choice, as reported by Reuters.

On the other hand, the new Model X starts at $88,490, providing a range of 269 miles (433 kilometers). This figure is considerably lower than the 348-mile (560 kilometers) range of the pricier alternative.

The new vehicles come with a lower price tag but also with reduced driving ranges.

Both of these new models share the same battery and motors as their $10,000 more expensive dual-motor counterparts. However, Tesla’s sales representative has confirmed that the performance and range of the budget-friendly options will be capped by software limitations.

Tesla is targeting first-time electric vehicle (EV) buyers who have been deterred by the relatively high costs associated with EVs compared to conventional alternatives. This strategy aligns with Tesla’s efforts to maintain robust sales in an increasingly competitive electric vehicle market.

According to Reuters, this move follows several rounds of price adjustments across Tesla’s lineup as it navigates the evolving dynamics of the EV market. In its recent financial report for the quarter ending on June 30, Tesla surprised Wall Street by delivering a record-breaking 466,140 vehicles globally. This performance contrasts with earlier expectations of approximately 20,000 fewer shipments.

Despite its dominance in the U.S. electric vehicle market, Tesla faces intensified competition in China, its second-largest market. Native automakers like BYD enjoy a strong presence there.

Tesla’s CEO hinted at the possibility of further price reductions as global economic uncertainty impacts consumer spending power. However, this statement preceded the introduction of the new variants for the Model S and Model X.

In conclusion, Tesla’s launch of more affordable Model S and Model X variants aims to make electric vehicles more accessible to a wider audience. As Tesla continues to adjust its strategies, the company remains a pivotal force in shaping the future of the electric vehicle landscape.

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