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I’m Just Ken Music Video From Barbie Features Making-of Footage Leave a comment


The goofy, deadpan performances of Barbie obviously work on screen, but what were they like to film? Well, a new video has surfaced thanks to Atlantic Records answering that question and more. It’s a full music video for the film’s standout chart-topping bop “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling, but it’s filled with behind-the-scenes footage.

So you get to see Gosling laughing at his absurdity off-camera. You get to see co-writer and director Greta Gerwig geeking out at everything that’s going on. Production assistants throwing tennis balls, actors singing backup vocals, choreography rehearsals and, yes, freaking Slash from Guns N’ Roses. Check it out:

Ryan Gosling – I’m Just Ken Exclusive (From Barbie The Album) [Official]

No one could’ve predicted Barbie would’ve been the hit that it was, so it’s easy to look back at footage from the making of a movie that’s now grossed over a billion dollars and go “Of course it’s a hit, look how much fun everyone is having.” And yet? We still have to say it. Of course Barbie was a hit! Look at all the fun everyone is having!

This video is just an excellent representation of how the entire production bought into Gerwig’s vision for the movie. Everything in this video screams “production value” and “passion”—a lot of which is from Gosling, who clearly had to have a sense of humor about Ken, especially with this song.

I think my favorite part though is seeing all the Kens in the recording booth, crooning their harmonies, and then the quick shot of Gerwig on a Zoom call, visibly in shock at the fact she’s being paid to do this. It’s just perfect.

Barbie is now in theaters and, if you haven’t, you should totally see it. Maybe for $4 later this week.

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