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Fisker Alaska: Meet The Ultimate Sustainable Pickup Leave a comment


Yesterday, Fisker unveiled more information about its upcoming EV super sport pickup, the Fisker Alaska. Following the success of the Fisker Ocean, which received over 63,000 reservations almost instantly, the company hopes to replicate the same success with its latest electric vehicle.

Touted the  “World’s Most Sustainable Pickup” by Fisker, the Alaska aims to reshape the pickup landscape by merging innovative concepts, environmental consciousness, and creative design.

Fisker Alaska 2023. (Image: Courtesy of Fisker)

The Visionary Concept by Henrik Fisker

“Alaska defies conventions… marrying mid-size pickup attributes with the prowess of a full-size, all thanks to its ingenious expandable bed blueprint,” stated Henrik Fisker, the architect behind the brand.

This statement highlights Alaska’s uniqueness: an adaptive pickup seamlessly transitioning between urban living and off-road driving. This is made possible by the electronically operated Houdini partition, which extends the bed from 4.5 to an astonishing 9.2 feet.

Affordable Sustainability as a Cornerstone

With a $45,400 base price, prior to incentives, Fisker is democratizing sustainable transportation, making it accessible to a broader audience. By crafting the Alaska on American soil, the company reinforces its dedication to local economies and reducing carbon emissions.

Beyond its role as a mere pickup truck, the Alaska symbolizes the shift of the automotive industry, with the convergence of performance, elegance, and the preservation of the environment.

Fisker Alaska 2023. (Image: Courtesy of Fisker)


Besides sustainability,  the Fisker Alaska offers also good performance (on paper) with selections between 75 kWh and 113 kWh battery packs, granting ranges spanning 230 to 340 miles, and accelerating from 0 to 60mph in an exhilarating 3.9 to 7.2 seconds.

Luxury and Functionality in Harmony

The vehicle is carefully crafted to elevate everyday life, boasting features such as large cupholders, purpose-built storage for vocational gear, and a front trunk with excellent insulation.

Regarding infotainment and digital dashboard capabilities, we expect the inclusion of features at least comparable to those found in the Fisker Ocean. (Image: Courtesy of Fisker)

Fisker Alaska 2023 interior. (Image: Courtesy of Fisker)

Fisker Alaska 2023. (Image: Courtesy of Fisker)

Digital dashboard and infotainment

The huge rotating display is another feature that makes the Fisker Ocean attractive to geeks like us. In the Alaska, we expect the inclusion of digital features at least comparable to those found in the Ocean.

The company could not share anything on that and will disclose more details as we approach the projected start of production in 2025.


As production anticipates commencing in the early months of 2025, aficionados can secure their position in the queue by reserving the Alaska through Fisker’s official online platform.  A reservation cost of $250 for the initial Alaska and a fully refundable $100 for the second emphasizes Fisker’s unwavering commitment to democratizing sustainable driving.

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