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Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for August 16th, 2023. It’s a usual Wednesday today, so it’s not terribly busy on the whole. We have a couple of news items to look at before anything else, which is nice to see. Then we have a handful of new releases to look at, and none of them are dubious. That is also nice. Then we have some fresh sales to look at. Nice? Nice. And of course, there are a lot of sales concluding today, which isn’t nice. But you still have some time to act, which is… you guessed it, nice. Let’s get started on all those niceties!


Download a Demo for ‘Samba de Amigo: Party Central’ Today

One of the most expensive day-one purchases I ever made for a game was when I bought Samba de Amigo for the Dreamcast complete with a set of maracas back in… woof, October of 2000. I spent a hundred and sixty bucks that day, and I didn’t regret it because that game was super fun. I later grabbed the Wii port, which was slightly less awesome but a lot less expensive. Suffice it to say, I am very much here for this long-awaited follow-up, which is set to launch in a couple of weeks on August 29th. SEGA has decided to treat us with a taste test, making a demo available that you can download and play right now. It has two songs that you can play at multiple levels of difficulty. Tik Tok and Shake Senora (feat. T-Pain & Sean Paul) are the tunes in question, and they suit the gameplay well. See for yourself by grabbing that demo.

‘Batman: Arkham Trilogy’ Set for October 13th Release Date

WB Games is setting up Switch owners for a long Halloween of their own, dropping a final release date of October 13th for the Batman: Arkham Trilogy collection. It includes Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight. Arkham Origins? I don’t know her. It will be interesting to see how well Arkham Knight in particular plays, since that was originally for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Well, I’m sure it will be fine. I think these games are extremely good, so you know I’ll be there with jingle bells on my feet to get them when they launch a couple of months from now.

New Releases

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood ($17.99)

From the people who brought you The Red Strings Club comes this tale of a witch who has been banished to solitary life on an asteroid, a strange creature she forms a pact with, and what happens when she makes an unexpected return to the people she knew. You’ll use cards to get to learn each character’s story, and there is quite the assortment to meet. Since this is as up his alley as it gets, our pal Mikhail will be doing the review of this game for us. Do look forward to it.

Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance ($9.99)

Here’s a third game in the Creepy Tale series, and there isn’t really anything particularly surprising about it. A girl named Ingrid steps on a loaf of bread to avoid messing up her shoe and she falls to hell. She meets a demon who offers to help her, and how it all ends depends on what you do during the course of the game. I’d imagine those who had a good time with the previous games will be happy to see this one.

Xtreme Sports ($9.99)

While it isn’t on the level of fame of companies like Capcom or Electronic Arts, WayForward is fairly well-known these days. Twenty years ago, the developer had a much lower profile, mainly working on licensed fare for the Game Boy. Still, it managed to get an original title out here and there. Most know Shantae, but another Game Boy Color title it put out was Xtreme Sports. It features five different extreme sports events, all wrapped up in the usual charming WayForward style. This is that Game Boy Color game, running via emulation. I’ll have a review for you soon.


(North American eShop, US Prices)

Well, I can tell you one good place to start with today’s sales. If you like dungeon crawlers, Demon Gaze Extra is a steal at that sale price. Both of the Teslagrad games are pretty good. Lost Words: Beyond the Page is also quite good. Not a huge list, so I’ll let you go through the rest of it on your own. The outbox is bigger, and I think the Picross and id Software games are all worth considering. Comb through and make sure there’s nothing you’d regret letting pass by.

Select New Games on Sale

The Sin ($4.73 from $5.99 until 8/22)
Afterimage ($17.49 from $24.99 until 8/29)
Override 2: Ultraman Deluxe Edition ($5.99 from $39.99 until 8/29)
Teslagrad Remastered ($4.99 from $9.99 until 8/29)
Teslagrad 2 ($13.99 from $19.99 until 8/29)
Teslagrad Power Pack ($20.98 from $29.98 until 8/29)
Cris Tales ($7.99 from $39.99 until 8/29)
Lost Words: Beyond the Page ($2.24 from $14.99 until 8/29)
Kukoos: Lost Pets ($17.99 from $29.99 until 8/29)
In Sound Mind ($3.49 from $34.99 until 8/29)
Belle Boomerang ($3.99 from $7.99 until 8/30)
Demon Gaze Extra ($23.99 from $59.99 until 8/31)
Brigandine: Legend of Runersia ($19.99 from $49.99 until 8/31)
Xiaomei & the Flame Dragon’s Fist ($10.49 from $14.99 until 9/5)
The Oregon Trail ($23.99 from $29.99 until 9/5)

Sales Ending Tomorrow, Thursday, August 17th

Aircraft Carrier Survival ($1.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Alekon ($7.99 from $15.99 until 8/17)
Almost My Floor ($4.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Amazing Superhero Squad ($3.49 from $6.99 until 8/17)
Armed Emeth ($7.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)
As Far As The Eye ($2.49 from $24.99 until 8/17)
Avenging Spirit ($4.19 from $5.99 until 8/17)
Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 ($23.99 from $29.99 until 8/17)
Banners of Ruin ($1.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Battleship ($1.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale ($2.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Beholgar ($4.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Blaster Master Zero 3 ($7.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)
Brave Dungeon The Meaning of Justice ($19.99 from $29.99 until 8/17)
Bumballon ($3.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers ($11.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
COSPLAY LOVE! Enchanted Princess ($8.39 from $11.99 until 8/17)
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion ($34.99 from $49.99 until 8/17)
Crystal Ortha ($8.24 from $14.99 until 8/17)
Defend the Rook ($1.99 from $17.99 until 8/17)
DOOM 1993 ($1.99 from $4.99 until 8/17)
DOOM 2016 ($9.99 from $39.99 until 8/17)
DOOM 3 ($3.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
DOOM 64 ($1.99 from $4.99 until 8/17)
DOOM Eternal ($9.99 from $39.99 until 8/17)
DOOM Eternal Deluxe ($17.49 from $69.99 until 8/17)
DOOM Eternal Expansion Pass ($9.89 from $29.99 until 8/17)
DOOM II Classic ($1.99 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Dragon Quest Treasures ($35.99 from $59.99 until 8/17)
Fairy Elements ($10.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)

Figment 1 + Figment 2 ($21.99 from $39.99 until 8/17)
Gleylancer ($4.89 from $6.99 until 8/17)
Gynoug ($4.89 from $6.99 until 8/17)
Heirs of the Kings ($10.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)
Hillbilly Doomsday ($2.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Hyper Shapes ($3.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Jack N’ Jill DX ($1.99 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Kemono Friends Picross ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager ($1.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Liege Dragon ($7.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)
Lost in Play ($4.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Magical Drop VI ($23.99 from $29.99 until 8/17)
Megalan 11 ($4.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Moto Roader MC ($4.89 from $6.99 until 8/17)
Overrogue ($10.49 from $14.99 until 8/17)

Paranormasight ($15.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Picross Lord of the Nazarick ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S ($6.39 from $7.99 until 8/17)
Picross S Genesis & Master System ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S2 ($7.19 from $8.99 until 8/17)
Picross S3 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S4 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S5 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S6 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S7 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross S8 ($7.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Picross X: Picbits Vs Uzboross ($15.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Q Remastered ($2.72 from $6.80 until 8/17)
QUAKE ($3.29 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Risk System ($3.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Deluxe ($32.49 from $49.99 until 8/17)
Silenced: The House ($2.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Spiral Memoria The Summer I Meet Myself ($14.99 from $24.99 until 8/17)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary ($34.99 from $69.99 until 8/17)
The House of the Dead Remake ($8.49 from $24.99 until 8/17)
The Legend of the Dragonflame Highschool ($2.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
The Smile Alchemist ($13.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Why Pizza? ($2.49 from $4.99 until 8/17)
Witchcrafty ($4.99 from $9.99 until 8/17)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ($5.99 from $39.99 until 8/17)
Wolfenstein: Youngblood ($5.99 from $19.99 until 8/17)
Wonder Boy Collection ($20.99 from $29.99 until 8/17)

That’s all for today, friends. Tomorrow is Thursday, and that means a lot of new releases to dig into. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Vampire Survivors, and more are going to make it a rough day for wallets everywhere. We’ll have summaries of all of them, plus whatever sales and major news items roll in over the day. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, and as always, thanks for reading!


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