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Fans Who Pick An Origin Go With Gale Leave a comment


Tav and Gale are shown in a boat.

Screenshot: Larian Studios / Kotaku

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been out for about a week now, and developer Larian Studios is revealing some early stats based on the decisions players have made. This includes what characters seem most popular to the community according to hard numbers. And fellow Gale romancers, our boy is winning in the popularity contests out the gate.

Larian put together an extensive infographic with data on things like what class players are picking the most, what race people are choosing for their custom characters, and also what Origin character players are going with if they choose to take a party member for a spin as their protagonist rather than making their own original character.

The team says 93 percent of players have made a custom character (as they should for a first run, in my opinion), the 7 percent that chose to pick a premade character had a pretty sizable spread across all six potential Origin characters. The current ranking reads as follows:

6. Lae’zel with 11,765 players

5. Wyll with 14,862

4. Shadowheart with 15,966

3. Astarion with 22,286

2. Karlach with 22,514

1. Gale with 27,784

An infographic shows the most popular Origin characters in Baldur's Gate 3.

Image: Larian Studios

We (Gale fans) love to see it. Though Karlach was far and away my second favorite companion behind my wizard boyfriend, so it’s cool to see her getting some love as well. Furthermore, Gale also seems to be a popular romantic conquest for players, though he’s coming up behind Shadowheart. But ultimately, our boy seems to be a hit with Baldur’s Gate 3 fans so far. Though it’s unclear if some folks might be pursuing either of those paramours because they were rejected by Astarion, as the unambiguously evil vampire apparently has broken the hearts of “almost 100,000″ players since launch.

While there’s love for the arrogant but charming wizard, it seems his spells have also resulted in a lot of players’ death so far, with friendly fire from his attacks being the seventh-highest cause of death in the game. Simply walk around the fire, y’all. It’s not hard.


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