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With this Baldur’s Gate 3 mod you can have the 16-person party you always wanted Leave a comment


Are four party members just not cutting it for you in Baldur’s Gate 3? If so, a recent mod may just be the thing you need to mix up Larian’s RPG. Why take four adventurers when you can bring 16?

Created by Sildur and uploaded to Nexus Mods, this mod removes the hard party limit (discovered by a user called amlw in the official Baldur’s Gate 3 Discord server) which allows you to take up to 16 party members with you out into the world. In addition, it allows you to host multiplayer games with up to eight players, which is perfect for those larger friend groups feeling a touch left out

This, as you’ve probably already assumed, is only available for PC players and comes with some technical caveats. Multiplayer sessions with up to eight players requires you to start a new save, some parts of the game may bug out as scenes are “hard coded” for four party members according to Sildur, and the Baldur’s Gate 3 launcher may flash some data mismatch warnings at you. However, all of these are bypassable with some small adjustments on your part, making this a largely problem-free mod to use.

Aside from the obvious multiplayer benefits of eight player parties and the fun potential from the full 16, fans of prior Baldur’s Gate games may get a kick out of it too. Six party members was the norm in prior games, and may very well allow you to shake off the guilt of not bringing a Rogue or dedicated healer along on your adventures.

While handy for a vast variety of players, it is also worth noting that this may very well ruin any semblance of balance in the game. It is, of course, intended to be tackled by four. 16 halfling monks may prove a bit too daunting even for the game’s most challenging moments. As such, this is probably one to keep bookmarked for later once you beat the game through for the first time.

Will you be downloading this mod for yourself? Let us know below – as well as what your ideal 16-player party comp is? Throw us your craziest ideas. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 pieces, check out our write ups on Baldur’s Gate 3’s difficulty proving too much for some, and an older piece of ours on whether Baldur’s Gate 3 could prove a bigger deal than Starfield.


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