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Patreon podcasters can now use Spotify to distribute exclusive content Leave a comment


Patreon podcasters will now be able to put their premium content in front of millions of Spotify users.

A new integration with Spotify is available starting today, allowing podcasters to distribute premium content on Spotify. The feature was first announced earlier this year and is now available to all creators and fans.

When a creator links their two accounts, Patreon-exclusive episodes will appear on a new Spotify page, with lock and “paid” tags on episodes behind the paywall. If they’re not a Patreon subscriber, a pop-up will direct them to become a paying patron to access the episode. All existing and future episodes will be available for streaming.

Subscribers can also link their accounts and listen to Patreon-exclusive content directly on Spotify. Creators themselves have to turn on the syncing in order for listeners to access the episodes.

Patreon is hugely popular for paid podcasts, but it’s been tricky for creators to lock down their exclusive shows. Some provide private RSS feeds so subscribers can listen in the app of their choice, but that link could also be shared around to people who don’t pay. Creators can lock down their shows by publishing them to Patreon directly, but then fans had to listen inside the Patreon app. And either way, listening in Spotify wasn’t an option.

Podcasters will be able to add promotional banners to their free Spotify pages, directing listeners to the exclusive content page. Banners are available to podcasters on platforms besides Patreon as well.

Patreon-exclusive episodes are coming to Spotify at a time when Spotify’s own podcasting playbook is due for a revamp — the company has juggled a series of high-profile departures, public dust-ups, and rounds of layoffs leading to canceled original shows.


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