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Matt Berry Plays a Star Wars Wannabe in Roku Hollywood Satire Leave a comment


Though most American audiences know Matt Berry for playing frisky vampire Laszlo on What We Do in the Shadows, he’s had a lengthy comedy career in his native England, highlighted by cult-beloved shows like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, The Mighty Boosh, and Toast of London, to name just a few.

That last project—which won him a BAFTA—has morphed into Toast of Tinseltown, which sees main character Steven Toast (Berry) heading to Hollywood after being cast in a new Star Wars movie, or so he believes. Though Toast of Tinseltown was released last year, it’s about to be very accessible stateside, streaming free on the Roku Channel starting August 11.

Here’s the trailer:

Toast of Tinseltown | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel

The official synopsis: “Join Steven Toast, a fed-up London actor, voice-over artist, and theater legend, as he embarks on a wild journey to Hollywood in search of stardom—in the form of a ‘leading role’ he’s been promised in the latest installment of Star Wars. Befriended by a mysterious passenger named Russ Nightlife (Fred Armisen) on his flight, as Toast takes on Tinseltown, he tangles with angry directors, gets lost in the desert, and realizes that he may be out of London, but he’s never out of bad luck.”

We realize this isn’t actually a sci-fi show, of course, but who can say no to having their day brightened by seeing Matt Berry in anything? (Yes, even that damn Minecraft movie he was recently cast in.) And we’ll take a good Star Wars gag any day, even if the next Star Wars movie is years away at this point.

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