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‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble’ Now Titled Simply ‘Warcraft Rumble’ and Soft-Launched in Select Territories – TouchArcade Leave a comment


It’s been a little over a year since Blizzard announced Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a mobile game that takes place in the Warcraft universe, and following some closed beta testing the game is now officially available in select regions as part of a soft launch and it has also undergone a bit of a name change, now being known as simply Warcraft Rumble. That’s a much catchier name, I must admit. Warcraft Rumble is a top-down strategy game that’s kind of tower defense-y, kind of MOBA-y, and features a huge single-player campaign as well both PvP and cooperative multiplayer. It’s free to play (no surprise) and also focuses heavily on character collection, and in this case they are virtual tabletop-style mini figures of all the well-known and not-so-well-known characters in the Warcraft universe at large. This trailer is from last year’s reveal of Warcraft Rumble and still features its old name, but does a good job at showcasing the tabletop-style of the game as well as its basic gameplay.

If this looks like something you want to get your hands on for yourself, you’ll either need to be living in the Philippines already or have an iTunes account for the Philippines App Store. You can download the game in that region using this link here for iOS, and using this link here for Google Play, though I believe the Android version is only available for pre-registration at this point. It doesn’t appear to be a region-locked soft launch, as I was able to download the game with my PH account and play through some of the tutorial. This isn’t really my style of game so time will tell if I dip back into it much or not. That said, the game itself is quite lovely, and while I’m sure it’s divisive, I personally really love the stylized look of the Warcraft characters in Warcraft Rumble. So like I said if this seems up your alley and you have the means to do so, check out this newly soft-launched version, otherwise look for the soft launch to expand to more territories in the coming weeks and months culminating in a full global launch sometime down the road.

UPDATE: According to the game’s official Twitter account it looks like this might already be available in more regions including Canada, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia in addition to the Philippines.


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