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Must-play sci-fi adventure Somerville blasts off on PlayStation August 31 Leave a comment


Somerville, the sci-fi adventure from Jumpship, co-founded by Dino Patti from Inside, is coming to PlayStation consoles on August 31.

In this narrative sci-fi adventure, you step into a world hit by an otherworldly invasion where you will discover the repercussions of large-scale conflict as you navigate an atmospheric world transformed by catastrophe.

Somerville is a Sci-Fi adventure grounded in the intimate repercussions of large-scale conflict.

Described as “the most beautiful game I’ve ever played” by VG247’s Tom Orry, the game challenges you with solving a series of puzzles in an altered landscape affected by a strange alien sediment which your character will discover an ability that will manipulate it in a variety of ways.

In the game, the devastation left behind by the invading alien force and those who resisted it tells a story, and the alien lifeforms from which you must flee or hide can provide clues to the true meaning of this conflict and unlock multiple endings that reveal the events to which you bear witness.

Somerville was released on PC and Xbox consoles last year, and through Game Pass.

When it arrives on PlayStation 4 and PS5, it will include exclusive features like haptic feedback and use of the DualSense 5 Lightbar to reflect the powers you are using in-game.


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