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These Cool Retro Cassette Tape Power Banks Will Make Any 80s Fans Go Crazy Leave a comment


For those of us who want to delve into the bygone era of the 80s and 90s, behold this captivating announcement: imagine the possibility of charging your smartphone using a cassette tape! The illustrious accessories manufacturer Remax has devoted over a year of toil and ingenuity to bring forth this very interesting concept.

A curious array of power banks, boasting an impressive capacity of “10,000mAh,” now graces the market, reminiscent of the classic cassette tapes that once filled our Walkmans and boomboxes; Depending on your color preference — be it a vibrant yellow, a passionate red, or the spanking new green model for the year 2023 — you have the freedom to recharge these innovative power banks via USB-C, micro-USB, or even the venerable Apple Lightning cable.

And behold, for once charged, these marvels of technology can generously dispense up to 22.5W of power through either USB-A or USB-C, a true feat of swiftness to ensure your phone’s rapid revival:

However, with all these delights, it is fair to acknowledge that the price range, landing somewhere between $20 to $40, might not appear as economical as one might have hoped. Yet, fret not, for these power banks arrive in their very own transparent cassette tape cases, an alluring adornment that tugs at the heartstrings of nostalgia.

But do keep in mind that while they carry the essence of the classics we adored, they do boast a slightly larger physical presence and regrettably lack any spinning components for those fidgeting inclinations.

The original incarnations of yellow and red exhibited a minor deficiency — a dearth of convenient compartments to house your cherished charging cables. Nevertheless, the newest green variant resolves this issue, graciously accommodating pull-out, flexible 20W Type-C, and Lightning cables. Moreover, the green iteration has decided to part ways with a feeble LED flashlight and the micro-USB input, a strategic move indeed.

Despite the allure, one must exercise caution when pondering their charging capacity. The grandiose “10,000mAh” labeling is tempered by the fine print, revealing a “rated capacity” that stands at a more modest 5200mAh. Notably, the red variant carries a promise of only 300 charge cycles before its capacity begins to wane.

Yet, fear not, for these captivating power banks possess the potential to make for a delightful stocking stuffer, adding a touch of whimsy and charm. They possess the mettle to thoroughly charge a single smartphone at a time, making them a reliable companion for your mobile needs. For a tantalizing glimpse of their appeal, one may venture into the realm of YouTube, where a hands-on review from last year dives into some of the details:

While a modicum of wariness regarding their charging prowess is reasonable, the allure of these cassette tape power banks remains undeniably potent, beckoning the nostalgic hearts of the 80s and 90 kids and beyond. What do you think about these cool accessories? Which color would you get for yourself? Tell us in the comment section!

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