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‘Old School RuneScape’ Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire Grandmaster Quest Now Available – TouchArcade Leave a comment


Today, Old School RuneScape has added the sequel to a quest from 2005 in the form of Desert Treasure II. Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire continues the beloved storyline from the original quest. It is a Grandmaster quest that has players going into four new areas, taking on new bosses, and more to access an ancient vault. The bosses include new mechanics and abilities and can be replayed for more rewards later on. These rewards include the Virtus Armor. The rewards for Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire include four rings, a fully upgraded Ancient Sceptre that increases in strength with each boss, and more. Watch the newest video for the game preparing players for this Grandmaster quest below:

Old School RuneScape Forestry part two is set for release next month bringing in new leaves, tea brewing, and bonfires. A community poll and more is available on the official Old School RuneScape to vote for when the new Sailing skill arrives for the lock-in vote. This year will also be the first time Jagex is in the process of bringing in a new skill into the game. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are available on PC, iOS, and Android devices. Check out the official website here for both games. Do you play Old School RuneScape on mobile or PC often and what do you think of this Grandmaster quest?


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