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If you’ve been thinking of picking up an Xbox Series X, here’s a rare chance to grab Microsoft’s console at a discount: Dell is selling a bundle that pairs the device with a copy of the open-world racing game Forza Horizon 5 for $450. That’s $50 off the console’s usual going rate. Dell offered a similar deal earlier this month, but that didn’t come bundled with a game. Forza Horizon 5, meanwhile, is included with an Xbox Game Pass subscription but typically retails for around $45 on its own (though it’s currently available for $30 at Xbox’s online store). As of this writing, the deal appears to be going in and out of stock, so you may need to act quickly.

Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 Bundle

Photo by Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

As a refresher, the Series X is the higher-performing option in Microsoft’s Xbox lineup. It has a beefier GPU and more RAM compared to the $300 Xbox Series S, which allows it to more consistently play demanding games at higher resolutions and frame rates. Broadly speaking, the Series X is designed to play games in 4K at 60 fps (though some games can go further), while the Series S is aimed more at 1440p or 1080p displays. The Series X also has a disc drive, unlike the all-digital Series S, and it comes with twice as much storage by default at 1TB. You still have to use a proprietary card to fully expand that storage, however, and the console itself is much larger than its lower-cost counterpart. We gave the Series X a review score of 87 when it arrived in late 2020.

Microsoft itself has had its share of struggles producing blockbuster exclusives, particularly when compared to Sony’s first-party output on the PlayStation 5. Still, after a few years on the market, the latest Xbox has built up a fairly diverse lineup of quality titles, with big-budget hits like Forza Horizon 5 joined by smaller-scale gems like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment on our list of the best Xbox games. You still have access to most major third-party titles as well. 

Looking forward, Starfield, the latest RPG from the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, will arrive in September. And while a recent price increase has somewhat dented its value, Xbox Game Pass still pairs well with the console if you tend to hop from game to game. If nothing else, Microsoft’s looming merger with Activision Blizzard (owner of Call of Duty, Diablo and Warcraft, among others) will presumably add to that service, as the company’s prior acquisition of Bethesda Softworks has.

Whether you should buy the Xbox Series X over the PS5 largely comes down to how much stock you put in Game Pass, how much PlayStation-exclusive series like God of War, Horizon and Spider-Man appeal to you, and which platform your friends and family use most often. If you’re already settled on Xbox, though, this is a good chance to save on the best console Microsoft makes. 

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