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Critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is finally coming to Xbox.

During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest keynote, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer appeared to announce the news alongside game director Naoki Yoshida. “We want to bring the Xbox community and your warriors of light together, in a way that is safe, secure, engaging, and, above all, fun.” Spencer said.

Since the game’s launch in 2013, the MMORPG has only been available on PC and PlayStation. According to Yoshida, one of the biggest requests from fans was to bring the game to the Xbox platform.

As a result, Final Fantasy XIV will come to the Series S / X and feature faster loading times and 4K resolution for the Series X. Fortunately, Xbox fans won’t have to wait for the game’s latest expansion to play. According to Yoshida, the Xbox version will launch in spring 2024 with an open beta to take place sometime around the launch of patch 6.5. Progress from the open beta will carry over, so Yoshida encouraged Xbox players to sign up for the beta.


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