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Ultra-Rare 90s Apple Sneakers Now On Sale For $50k Leave a comment


In the world of collectibles and rare memorabilia — like the 1st gen iPhone sold by $190k we’ve talked about recently — one item has recently surfaced, causing a buzz among tech enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike: an ultra-rare pair of official Apple-branded sneakers, known as the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers.

This exceptional piece of Apple history is now up for sale at the prestigious auction house Sotheby’s and it comes with an eye-watering price tag of $50,000, making it a true gem for those seeking exclusive and unique items to add to their collection.

Apple Sneakers: The Origins

To understand the significance of these sneakers, we need to go back in time to the 1990s; In 1986, Apple made a brief foray into offering a range of Apple-branded merchandise and clothing under the banner of “The Apple Collection.” This collection featured the iconic rainbow logo and Macintosh computer imagery, tapping into the burgeoning fanbase that the company had garnered over the years.

However, the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers were not part of this official collection. Instead, they were custom-made exclusively for Apple employees during the mid-1990s. These sneakers were not available for purchase by the public and were intended as a one-time giveaway at a National Sales Conference held by Apple.

Why is it so special?

What sets these sneakers apart from any other Apple-branded merchandise is their limited availability and exclusivity. With only a handful of pairs ever made, the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers have become one of the rarest and most obscure Apple-related items in existence. Their scarcity and historical significance have garnered significant attention from collectors worldwide.

The sneakers boast a timeless design, featuring a white leather upper adorned with the classic rainbow Apple logos on the tongue and next to the laces. Notably, they also come with an air cushioning window in the heel, providing comfort and style. The striking contrast of the rainbow logo against the predominantly white upper makes these sneakers a standout piece of Apple memorabilia.

Sotheby’s Auction and Public Interest

The decision to put these ultra-rare sneakers up for auction at Sotheby’s has created a stir in the tech and collectibles communities. Sotheby’s, a renowned auction house known for handling high-value and unique items, recognizes the historical significance and appeal of these Apple-branded sneakers. The fact that they have never been available for purchase before and were exclusively made for Apple employees further enhances their allure.

The online listing for the sneakers highlights their custom-made origin and emphasizes their scarcity. Despite being “new in the box,” these sneakers, being decades old, may show slight imperfections, such as yellowing around the midsoles and traces of glue. Nevertheless, these minor blemishes do not diminish their value or appeal to devoted collectors.

Apple’s Enduring Legacy

The existence of these ultra-rare sneakers is a testament to the enduring legacy of Apple as a brand and its loyal consumer base. In 1985, more than 22,000 Apple enthusiasts purchased clothing and accessories from “The Apple Collection,” showcasing the public’s unwavering dedication to the brand across various product categories.

Apple’s ability to create a solid emotional connection with its customers extended even beyond its primary expertise. Through collaborations with leading brands such as Lamy, Honda, and Braun, Apple successfully applied its iconic branding to a range of white-label products, cementing its position as a cultural icon.

The discovery and sale of the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers mark a significant moment for both technology and sneaker enthusiasts. With their limited availability, historical significance, and exclusivity, these sneakers have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. Would you be up to paying the $50K for them? Let us know in the comments!

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