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‘Final Fantasy XIV’ comes to Xbox next spring Leave a comment


It took a decade, but Square Enix’s premier massively multiplayer online role-playing game is finally coming to Xbox consoles. The developer has revealed that Final Fantasy XIV will be available for Xbox Series X/S in spring 2024. Like its PS5 counterpart, this version will support 4K visuals on Series X and faster loading times. It’s not yet clear if there will be Xbox-only upgrades.

An open beta is expected for patch 6.5X. In other words, the Xbox port should be ready in time for the Dawntrail expansion due in summer next year.

Microsoft has been eager to add Final Fantasy games to its catalog. In 2019, it added 10 titles to Game Pass that included many of the releases from VII through to XV. The deluge didn’t include XIV, however, leaving Xbox players without an active MMO. The game debuted on PS3 and PC in 2013, with ports for PS4 (2014), Mac (2015) and PS5 (2021) in subsequent years.

The incentives are clear. Final Fantasy XIV helps court fans of the series, particularly those left out by the timed PS5 exclusive for XVI. It’s also an attempt to reach out to both Japanese gamers and JRPG enthusiasts. The Xbox has struggled in Japan due in no small part to local studios skipping the platform in favor of domestic consoles from Nintendo and Sony. This game won’t suddenly improve Microsoft’s fortunes, but it does eliminate a barrier to adoption for some players.


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