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Ubisoft clarifies it will not delete inactive accounts with purchased PC games Leave a comment


Ubisoft has clarified that it will not delete Ubisoft accounts that feature PC games purchased from the Ubisoft Store or that have an active Ubisoft subscription.

News over the weekend found players reporting their accounts were being labeled by Ubisoft as “inactive,” stating they would be losing their purchased games.

Since the news broke, an update from Ubisoft has clarified how things will work (thanks, Blue).

According to the company, inactive Ubisoft accounts, with no PC purchases or active subscriptions tied to them, may be closed in order to comply with data protection laws after long periods of inactivity.

Accounts tied to an active Ubisoft subscription, or PC games that have been purchased from the Ubisoft store, are not eligible for deletion.

That said, Ubisoft may close long-term inactive accounts to maintain its database, but you will be notified by email should it start the process of closing your inactive account.

Should your Ubisoft account be flagged as inactive, and you would like to keep using it, you can cancel the account closure.

In your email, which is sent to the address you signed up with, you will see a cancelation link. If you are unable to locate this email, you might want to check your spam folder.

Ubisoft said that if you feel the cancelation email was received in error, you will need to contact the company.

In rare instances, Ubisoft said it may “immediately close inactive accounts to comply with local data protection legislation,” as part of its Terms of Use. This is only if it has strong reasons to believe that the account in question will remain unused.


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