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Ubisoft is suspending “inactive” accounts, removing access to attached games Leave a comment


If you’ve got a Ubisoft account with some games attached to it, you might want to log in before it all gets deleted.

In a new move that begs a question I’m sure Ubisoft is all too familiar with (“why are you like this?”), it turns out that if your Ubisoft account has been inactive for an extended period of time, it can just be closed down. Earlier this week, Twitter user PC_enjoyer shared a screenshot of a Ubisoft support email supposedly telling the user their Ubisoft account had been suspended for being “inactive.” The email also warned the account would be closed “permanently in 30 days,” which is obviously more concerning than just having your account suspended.

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In case you’re wondering if this is just someone ragging on Ubisoft, the official Ubisoft Support Twitter account did actually respond to the original tweet saying, “We just wanted to chime in that you can avoid the account closure by logging into your account within the 30 days (since receiving the email pictured) and selecting the Cancel Account Closure link contained in the email. We certainly do not want you to lose access to your games or account so if you have any difficulties logging in then please create a support case with us.”

A report from a couple of years ago also found that a player with a Ubisoft account that had games attached to it had also been shut down, despite claiming that it wouldn’t do so for such cases. Ubisoft apparently claimed that it would shutdown accounts to comply with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, but why it’s threatening to close an account that presumably has games attached to it again isn’t particularly clear this time.

There’s also no official word on how long your account needs to be inactive for Ubisoft to decide it’s time to be deleted, so even if you haven’t logged in in a while, it might be worth doing so just to save access to games you may have bought.


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