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It always means stiff competition for any game releasing the same week as a Tinytouchtales game, and this week is no exception. The long-time mobile developer, aka Arnold Rauers, is know for sublime solo card game experiences that blend in various elements of RPG, strategy, roguelikes, and more. A hallmark of a Tinytouchtales game is its ability to be approachable and seem simple on the surface, but hide unlimited amounts of depth and strategy the more you dig into it. This is once again the case with their newest release Geo Gods.

Well, let me backtrack just slightly on that “approachable” part. While any new card game can feel confusing at first as you learn its ins and outs, Geo Gods feels especially overwhelming once you first get started, especially compared to other Tinytouchtales games. Don’t let this discourage you! I played through the tutorial, played a regular game, hopped into the options to play the tutorial again, and then played another regular game. That second regular game felt much more comfortable than the first, and as I continue playing things are starting to really sink in and the true gameplay here is really starting to blossom.

That’s kind of the thing with all of this developer’s games, isn’t it? The learning curves can vary a bit, but ultimately you’ll learn each game’s particular rules and quirks, and then they become these little toys that you can compete against yourself in and more or less play indefinitely until the sun swallows the Earth. I’m not even going to try to summarize what it is you do in Geo Gods because I’m positive I’d do a bad job at it and it’s far easier to just try it out for yourself. What I will say is that the hexagon-based board makes for some interesting strategies, as do the crystals that border the play area. As always with these this is a master class in utilizing synergies between cards and their placement on the board.

It all comes together so beautifully in Geo Gods, as it does in every other Tinytouchtales game, to make for an experience that doesn’t feel like it will ever get stale. There are certainly strategies to master, but there’s enough luck of the draw involved to feel like you always have a chance of improving with each new game. Geo Gods is free to download and try for yourself, with a one-time $5 premium IAP that will unlock additional cards and weekly tournaments. It’s an easy rec to buy the unlock, but the important thing is that it costs nothing to check out the game and play through the tutorial until things start to click, at which point you’ll likely be dumping your five bucks without hesitation anyway.


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